A versatile social network visualization tool, developed with Millennium Point.

Languages: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, SQL, Python
Frameworks: Three.js, D3.js, Django

Flappy Clone

Yet another Flappy Bird clone.

Languages: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, SQL, Python
Frameworks: HTML5 Canvas API, Django


Atmospheric fast-paced top down shooter. Developed with 5 other students.

Languages: Java, Java, more Java
Frameworks: LWJGL, OpenGL, OpenAL

Robot Warehouse

Robot warehouse management system. Developed with 9 other students.

Languages: Yet more Java
Frameworks: LeJOS, Swing

Portal 2

A redo of my first Portal project, an shameless attempt to copy my favourite video game at the time, Portal. Guess that makes this a redo of a redo.

Rust and OpenGL


Using the k-means algorithm to create pretty pictures.

Used Rust


An expression editor and evaluator that allows easy visualization and processing of mathematical expressions.

Rust using GTK+